Chapter History

Delta Gamma Zeta Sigma

In October 1992, Northern Kentucky University had three outstanding sororities on campus. After sorority recruitment, seven women: Hope Cammareri, Katie Heywood, Ann Krumpleman, Kim Vance, Casey Wartman, Stephanie Wartman and Heather Bailey felt as though none of the organizations were their “home”. Because of this, we now have the Zeta Sigma chapter of Delta Gamma. Originally referred to as Sigma Gamma Tau, these seven women worked to establish themselves and their future on our campus. After officially being established as Delta Gamma Fraternity in March 1993, they were now granted permission to hold informal rush. On August 14, 1993, thirty three women were initiated into Delta Gamma, Zeta Sigma. One week later, they pledged 25 more women, 2 over quota. Today, our chapter continues to grow and thrive on campus. We find that through our academics, personal relationships, and service to others we will always have the continued support of Delta Gamma behind us. 

Fun Fact: Our chapter mascot is the giraffe.